Be Enchanted by this Maleficent and Aurora Cosplay Duo


Everyone fell in love with the lovely Aurora and Maleficent in Disney’s recent re-telling of the story. We experienced Maleficent’s childhood as a fairy with majestic wings and felt the pain of her sadness when she was betrayed by Phillip. We were treated to the Maleficent’s perspective as she watched Aurora grow up with the three pixies. Many fell in love with the retelling while many cosplayers also fell in love with the wardrobe!


Maleficent is easily one of the most iconic villains from fairy tales. She is as wicked as she is intriguing with a style to match. In this retelling of Maleficent, she still dons the iconic cowl and slinky black dress, but with a few modern touches with the textures of the fabric and sharp contoured makeup. In contrast, Aurora wore soft fabrics and colors and had soft wavy, natural looking hair to reflect her youthful innocence.


Many cosplayers have tackled the Maleficent cosplay, but this cosplay duo has brought us remarkable cosplays of both Maleficent and Aurora! Russian cosplayers, BAZINGA cosplay, have done other cosplays such as Queen Elsa, X-Men, and Gotham’s finest villains. Their epic work with their Maleficent and Aurora cosplay really caught our attention. In their photo shoot with Александр Потапкин, they bring us images that look like they came directly from the movie. Be sure to check out their page and fall in love with their cosplay works!