Be Set Aflame by this Lina Cosplay

Lina and her sister Rylai were always quarreling when they were young. Lina, filled with fire and ambition, had the edge as her younger sister was quite naive. Using her cleverness she often outwitted the Crystal Maiden. Their constant bickering, however, lead to their parents sending them away. Lina ended up in the Desert of Misrule which suited her fiery skills perfectly. A proud woman, she has been nicknamed the Slayer, known for her mastery of fire.


Cosplayer Yarpenna is beautiful in her Lina the Slayer cosplay. Vibrant red hair and an outfit comprised of reds, yellows and oranges, her fiery personality shines through. The details on the top and skirt are well done. The armband stands out against her fair skin and the white markings on her face are meticulously placed. Great posing showcases the various facets of the costume. This is one beauty you would not want to cross for fear of being singed to a crisp.


Photography by Studio Zahora