Beat the Heat with Frosty Freljord Ashe Cosplay

Ashe was thrusted into the role of leadership among her tribe in the Freljord at the young age of 15. Deciding to broker a time of piece and cooperation with the other clans, she pushed aside the blood revenge lusted after by tribe members. Seeing Ashe as an incompetent leader, they hatched a plan to get rid of her for good. Sending assassins, Ashe fled, discovering the burial place of Avarosa. Ripping the legendary bow from its resting place under the cairn, Ashe quickly dispatched her attackers and solidified her position as leader of the tribe, now knows as the Avarosans.


Zerina Cosplay becomes the Avarosan leader in a fantastic Freljord Ashe Cosplay. Clad in white and gold, Zernia Cosplay gleams in the light, her frozen blue bow radiating magic energy. The details are fantastic as the intricate patterns are spot on. Posing to not only showcase her awesome cosplay, she struts her stuff as Frejlord’s greatest archer.


Photography by FiveRings Photography