Beat the Heat with this Pool Party Heartseeker Akali Cosplay

Akali is a skilled assassin tasked with maintaining the balance on behalf of the Kinkou. Starting her training from a young age, she was inducted into the Kinkou at fourteen, already a fearsome warrior. Succeeding her mother as the Fist of Shadow, she works with Shen and Kennen to maintain the equilibrium between all things in Valoran. In her journey to protect the harmony of the land, Akali ended up at the League of Legends.


Miyuki Cosplay puts her creative talents into overdrive as she not only made, but designed, this amazing Pool Party Heartseeker Akali cosplay. Following the theme set forth by Riot Games with their Heartseeker skin line, Miyuki dons a red and gold two piece bathing suit, the top having a heart shaped peek-a-boo in the front. Her long black hair is held up with a heart shaped in at the top and a heart clip at the bottom. Wielding twin heart kamas, Miyuki Cosplay is ready to relax in the pool or take down her next opponent.

heartseeker-akali-cosplay-1 heartseeker-akali-cosplay-3

Photography credits:

Minotaur Photography
Masamune Photography