Beautiful Belle Cosplay Searches for Adventure

Belle is the beautiful, intelligent daughter of an inventor in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. A classic story, Belle gives herself up to rescue her father who is sickly and locked away in Beast’s castle. At first she butts heads with the stubborn Beast, but eventually barriers break down and they come to understand, care for, and love one another. That can all be for not, however, as Gaston, the local town hunk, has his mind set on marrying Belle no matter what, including storming Beast’s enchanted castle.


Cosplayer Anna Rudneva is a beautiful Belle as she walks in a meadow. Wearing Belle’s iconic blue and white dress with white apron, she has her basket of books. Brown hair is tied back with a blue bow as she sits among the flowers. Snuggling with a baby goat and singing, Anna’s cosplay makes it seem like Belle has walked off the screen and into real life.


Photography by Clover