Become a Big Sister with this Eleanor Lamb Cosplay

Eleanor Lamb had a rough childhood due to her mother, Sofia Lamb’s philosophical views. Being isolated from other children in Rapture, she was taken to Little Sister’s Orphanage when she discovered a plot to bankrupt Dionysus Park. There she became a Little Sister, bonded with Subject Delta, and implanted with a sea slug to produce ADAM. Her mother rescued her however, but could not remove the slug from her body. Seeing that her mother was just as twisted when it came to her ideals, Eleanor planned her escape, using Little Sisters kidnapped from the surface to execute her goals.


Cosplayer Ninania dons the modified Big Daddy suit to become a Big Sister in this epic cosplay. When escaping from her mother’s clutches with Subject Delta, Eleanor chooses the matching Big Sister suit as her apparel. Ninania knocks this costume out of the park with her attention to detail. Covered in grim and blood, the bodysuit part looks worn from use. The helmet features two portholes along with the red glow in the front seen when encountering a Big Sister. All the metal has been aged, especially the oxygen tank. Wielding an exquisitely crafted Adam syringe, this Eleanor Lamb cosplay will let nothing stand in her way.


Photography by 撮影バカ