Become a Slave to this Zelda Cosplay’s Beauty


Of all the video game female protagonists who have been created over the history of gaming, none is more beautiful or more admired than Princess Zelda of Hyrule. By day a beautiful, noble, and devoted princes, Zelda takes on a genderless alter ego named Sheik to assist her hero Link his is missions. In both attires Zelda is an athletic, powerful, and striking figure. Playing as the occasional damsel but more often hidden hero, Zelda has appeared in every Legend of Zelda game thus far, including appearances in the Nintendo character-filled Super Smash Bros game series.

Being featured in so many games has helped earn Zelda a spot as one of the three ‘Women of Nintendo’ alongside the equally as beautiful Princess Peach and the equally as bad-ass Samus Aran. This three blonde babes have become staple Nintendo characters and are certainly capable of standing their ground among Nintendo’s leading men. Over time Zelda’s appearance has changed substantially, and eventually her look seemed to be settled during her appearance in 2006’s Twilight Princess. This look, a highly intricate and ornate Elven-based design gave her a regal beauty not seen in previous games and was both a developer and fan favorite.


Cosplayer Tiffany Jo has taken a unique approach to cosplaying the Elven princess. Instead of using one of her many designs in Legend of Zelda games or the classic Twilight Princess design, she has put a fun twist on the outfit. Referencing Star War’s Princess Leia, Tiffany Jo has created her own Zelda-inspired version of the iconic ‘Slave Leia’ costume worn in the film, Return of the Jedi. Taking Leia’s design but re-coloring it and adding elements of Hyrule fashions, Tiffany Jo has created her own ‘Slave Zelda’ cosplay. A creative take on the character, showing a bit more skin and sex appeal, this cosplay is bound to turn some heads!

 Photography by Hacklight