Become Enraptured By This Bioshock Elizabeth Cosplay


Bioshock is perhaps one of the most dedicated fandoms around, and fans of the series had to wait patiently for three long years without a new installment. When Bioshock Infinite was released in 2013, it immediately gained critical acclaim. Its intriguing storyline, beautiful (and creepy) locations, unforgettable characters, and mind-blowing ending (shh, we won’t spoil you) had people talking for months, and kept many a gamer up at night. It not only provided a series revival, but it also captivated a whole new generation of fans by introducing them to the series.

Infinite’s expansion, the film noir inspired “Burial at Sea,” was also a success. Set in the city of Rapture from the original game, its storyline links the events back to where it all began. In Burial, sweet Elizabeth takes on the role of the femme fatale, and she’s darker, edgier, and sultrier when she hires Booker Dewitt, private detective, for his services. It’s no wonder why her attire in the game has become massively popular among fans.


Cosplayer Kristen Lanae has brought the stunning Elizabeth to life with this flawless version of her Burial at Sea costume. In classic noir fashion, she’s got a cigarette in hand and the sultry attitude to go with it. She’s all curves in her flattering blouse and pencil skirt, combined with fishnet stockings and t-strap shoes. Looking wide-eyed and pretty with her smoky makeup and bright red lipstick, Kristen’s eye for detail is obvious… allowing us to visit Elizabeth without having to make the trip to Rapture.