Become Enticed by This Catherine Cosplay

Atlus USA’s ‘Catherine’ may very well be one of the most unique, quirky puzzle games in recent years. ‘Catherine’ is romantic, revolving around the love triangle that consists of a man named Vincent, his girlfriend Katherine, and his “woman on the side”, Catherine. One would think Vincent has quite an amazing life- having two beautiful women at his side. The reality is quite the opposite, though, as he experiences nightmares every night following his initial affair with Catherine. This is what takes us into the crazy, heart rate increasing, slightly creepy puzzles that make ‘Catherine’ unequaled.


Catherine is a tempter, a seductress, a beautiful succubus who preys on men and gets them to fall for her. She easily ensnared the mind, and body, of the once-committed Vincent and threw his whole relationship into peril. She was everything that Vincent could ever want- both physically and mentally. Vincent’s girlfriend, Katherine, was just no match for the young, attractive, charming woman who Vincent so lusted after. Yet although she may appear to be sweet, Catherine’s personality can alter in a fraction of a minute and she can turn frenzied, even opprobrious, towards the unprepared Vincent.


Being adorable and quite sexy, Catherine is much welcomed in the cosplay community. Many cosplayers have sported her form-fitting white dress, stockings, and curly blonde pigtails, but one of the best renditions we have seen of Catherine thus far was created by DeviantArt user Zettai-Cosplay. Zettai shows us just how Catherine can be both innocent and inviting, while still invoking sexy and seductive qualities.