Become Faster than Light with this Professor Zoom Cosplay

Professor Zoom, also known as Eobard Thwane, first appears in The Flash #139. A man obsessed with Speed Force and Barry Allen, known as The Flash, his fixation and rigid upbringing lead to mental instability. Able to twist time, his future self known as the Reverse Flash, now a villain, often interferes in his life in attempt to make it better. Containing the ability to contaminate the Speed Force with Negative energy, he is able to travel through time. In this state he is immune to airborne diseases. He can also create a swirling vortex by running in a circle, causing the death of his parents.


It’s Raining Neon does an amazing job in her Professor Zoom cosplay. Wearing the armored version of his yellow suit, her work is pristine. The red lightning bolts on her headpiece and chest are sparking, emanating the negative force. As always, It’s Raining Neon’s work is impeccable, and her Professor Zoom lives up to her reputation.