Behind-the-Scenes Video of a Sexy Sailor Scout Photoshoot!

The Sailor Moon franchise has taken the cosplay community by storm, especially with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal. At every convention you can expect to see a cosplay of one of the Sailor Scouts. Sometimes however, you will see a Sailor Scout cosplay that creates a re-imagining of the character, giving it a unique twist. Thanks to the awesome people at ScifeyeCandy, ATC’s own cosplay ladies Zombie Bit Me and Vicky Lau, along with their friend Mandee Cosplay, were able to evoke Sailor Scouts that were a bit more sexy than the original.

Check out this behind-the-scenes photoshoot as Zombie Bit Me, Vicky, and Mandy get epic shots in their sexy Sailor Scout cosplays! Be sure to Subscribe to All That’s Cosplay on YouTube for even more epic cosplay videos!