Behold the Splendor of this Stunning Gijinka Vaporeon Cosplay

Pokemon is one of the longest-standing and most beloved anime and video game series of all time.  Everyone knows Ash Ketchup, the ambitious young man who wants nothing other than to be the very best Pokemon trainer.  Pokemon also brings a variety of creatures, and every fan of Pokemon has a favorite.  Some even choose to show just how much they love their favorite Pokemon creatures by creating gijinka forms of them through cosplay.


Cosplayer Blondiee made a gorgeous, royal-looking cosplay of the water Pokemon, Vaporeon.  She sports a stunning blue dress with scale and armor adornments.  The best part of her cosplay is her scale face makeup, making her look straight from the sea.  Be sure to give Blondiee a Like on her Facebook page!



Photography by Nexus Photography and Cosplay Australia