Best Buy Lists a Port of Tales of Zestiria for the PS4

If a new listing from Best Buy is anything to go by, then the PS4 is set to receive another PS3 game port. The listing in question which popped up and was subsequently removed was for the upcoming Tales of Zestiria. A PS3 version was also listed at the same time, though the difference in prices and the fact a PS4 one then disappeared could mean the PS4 is set to get it’s first big JRPG. The release date was accompanied the listing was October 27, though it seems now that both listings for the PlayStation consoles have been removed.

Tales of Zestiria launched exclusively on PS3 in Japan back in January, and has a confirmed international release planned for later this year. Until now there was no rumor of the release date, but it seems we could have something soon; Namco has yet to comment or give any kind of word on a release date or PS4 release for the title.