Beware of Fox Fire with this Ahri Cosplay

Ahri is one of the most cosplayed champions from League of Legends. The nine tailed fox girl is a fan favorite for her varied kit, cute appearance and mobility. Ahri was not always a champion, however. She first started in the world as a fox. Knowing she was born into the wrong form and incredibly connected to the magic in the world around her, she ended up sucking in a dying man’s soul. This transformed her into the ravishing creature that fights in the League of Legends currently.


White Spring Pro is adorable in her Ahri cosplay. Sticking with her original skin, she is swathed in white and red with gold embroidery. The pattern of the embroidery is spot on, the gold shining bright against the other colors. A gleaming blue belt ensures her dress stays on her body. Fluffy white tails, black fox ears, and whiskers bring to life her fox like qualities. Posing enchantingly, White Spring Pro is as elegant as Ahri. Photo editing adds in the effects of her magic, really helping to bring the character to life.

ahri-cosplay-3ahri-cosplay-4Photography by Rojano PhotoOokami, and Katrix Media Site