Beware the Dragon with this Darkflame Shyvana Cosplay

Shyvana lived a troubled life before joining the ranks of Demacia’s elite guard. The offspring of a dragon father and human mother, she was considered an abomination by dragonkind and hunted mercilessly. Driving her and her father from place to place, one viscous drake ended her father’s life but was gravely wounded in the process. Tracking the drake in order to exact revenge, she ran into a troupe of Demacian soldiers led by Jarvan IV, who offered their aid in her quest. Seeing Shyvana’s power and determination as she struck the killing blow on the drake, he offered her a place in his elite guard, a home she had so longed for.


Captain Izzy Cosplay channels the darkness within and becomes the fiery half dragon in this amazing Darkflame Shyvana cosplay. The quality and execution of this costume is simply astounding. Wearing a black body suit adorned silver edged black armor, the eyes are drawn to the helmet covering her head and upper face. Black curving horns and silver plate make her more dragon like and are amazingly executed in construction. Matching in execution are the armored hands, used to take out minions and enemies alike. Spiked shoulder pads and silver emblem on her torso complete the costume. Great posing and photoshopped blue and purple flames make this one memorable cosplay.


Photography by Lexa One Photographie