Beware this Fierce Red Hood Cosplay

Jason Todd is revealed to be resurrected by Talia al Ghul in the Lazarus Pit, however the pit changes him and his emotions and he becomes the new Red Hood. His debut culminates in a fateful confrontation with those he feels have wronged him. He beats the Joker with a crowbar (mirroring the way the Joker had tortured him before killing him with a bomb) and later kidnaps him. The new Red Hood assumes control over various gangs in Gotham City and starts a one-man war against Black Mask’s criminal empire. He actively tries to cleanse the city of corruption, such as the illegal drug trade and gang violence.


So. Much. Style. Gina B. Cosplay is bringing fierce to the table dressed in a red mask and black leather. All of her fabrics are sleek and smooth – even the strapping fits well and lays flush. The cherry red bat symbol and mask blaze out of the black in a fantastic way – it really stands out. The design of the textures on her chest piece is engaging – between the paint and the lighting, it looks like carbon fiber! This is a really amazing costume, Gina, and we look forward to more!


Photography by Cantera Image and Dave Yang Photography