Bilgewater Katarina Cosplay is a Seaworthy Success

Beautiful and cunning Katarina Du Coutreau is very familiar with the concepts of loyalty and the ways of the assassin. She hones her skills and expertly wields her blade to earn prestige for her family and for the Noxian assassin’s guild. With her hit-and-run melee abilities in battle, she proves to herself to be a swift-footed champion. Katarina’s Bilgewater skin presents her in a deadly yet beautiful light, and festooned in darkly beautiful pirate garb. This skin was inspired by user ChiZ’s “Swashbuckler Katarina” skin, which introduced the idea of an eye patch accessory and built an outfit around that.


Morgana Cosplay masterfully incorporates all of Katarina’s swashbuckling wiles into her cosplay. The varying amounts of fabrics and layers used in the costume really give the outfit authentic dimension. Even the leather she used has a slightly weathered effect to make it a perfect addition for this pirate-themed skin. The kunai attached to her thighs are very detailed and their gold accents match well with the other accessories of the cosplay. The bodice piece of this cosplay is also rimmed in gold and includes delicate red lacing. Her shoulder and arm pieces have a polished look about them that makes them scintillate with the perfect gleam. The two large cutlasses she wields complete the look of this feisty damsel. The overall perfect color scheme matching, unwavering craftsmanship and variable fabrics in this cosplay make it entirely unforgettable.

Photography by Jose Manchado



Written by Guest Contributor: Corset Scars