Bizarre Jelly Strawberry Cosplay from No More Heroes


Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly is a virtual Japanese anime character existing within the universe of the game, More Heroes. She is a magical girl mecha-series which centers around a group of three schoolgirls who fight monstrous beings, primarily using giant mechs called Glastonburies.


The fictional franchise delivers a parody of “moe” styled entertainment and their arguable design elements attracts admirers such as the likes of Travis Touchdown.

Strawberry is the first member of the group, and the pilot of Glastonbury unit 1, a red-coloured land battle mecha. Her unit’s signature move is referred to as “Strawberry on the Shortcake.” Her weapon is a basic leather whip, while clad in a lingerie set the colour of her name and long pink hair.


American cosplayer, DarkFelicia, is truly a talent and has a large collection of cosplays from anime to Japanese RPG’s and even Felicia Hardy (Black Cat). Her cosplay of Bizarre Jelly Strawberry from No More Heroes is exceptionally well put-together and she’s got all the elements of Bizarre Jelly Strawberry’s costume spot on. What can we say? It’s as strawberry shortcake!



Photography by WeNeal’s