Black Gold Saw is a Beauty in This Dark and Sexy Cosplay

Black Rock Shooter’s plot is almost a literal translation of its title, all forms of media — anime, manga, etc, focusing on a black haired girl with a bright, shining blue eye. If you know about the anime then you know that Black Gold Saw doesn’t have a shining blue eye, instead she has a bright red one. Black Gold Saw has flames that shoot out from her eye and she dons horns atop her head. There is more uniqueness to her as well, as Black Gold Saw also has skeletal like claws that set her apart from others.


With such a different look and feel to her, cosplayers have taken to Black Gold Saw — putting on her mostly black outfit and becoming the anime character. Lily Stella Cosplay has done a really, really fantastic job with cosplaying Black Gold Saw and has truly breathed — and probably stitched, life right into her. There’s no denying that some TLC paired with dedication and hard work went into perfecting Black Gold Saw and for that Lily Stella Cosplay deserves a round of applause.


Photography by Javier R. Sotres Photography