Black Hanekawa Cosplay is Comfy Cute

Black Hanekawa is the alternate identity of Tsubasa Hanekawa. Black Hanekawa came to be when a sawarineko (meaning hinder cat or harming cat) takes over Tsubasa’s body. As Black Hanekawa Tsubasa has silvery white hair, golden eyes, pale skin, and a pair of cat ears. Playful and talkative, Black Hanekawa is the opposite of Tsubasa, who is soft-spoken and reserved.


Yuki No Hana Cosplay is ethereally lovely as Black Hanekawa. She keeps an aspect of original Tsubasa with her comfy orange pajamas with smiling cats on them. Her pose is extremely elegant and refined as she leans against a metal structure with a neutral background that makes her beautiful cosplay pop. Yuki No Hana as Black Hanekawa is an enchanting sight.



Photography by Christian Pompeo