Black Widow Cosplay is the Perfect Spy

Russian born Natasha Romanova first graced comic book pages in April 1964, appearing in Tales of Suspense #52 as a villainous agent searching for a Russian defector. Highly trained in multiple forms of martial arts, as well as being genetically enhanced, codename Black Widow is a highly trained espionage agent. Under the influence of KGB brainwashing, she remained loyal to Russia. After fighting against its effects and freeing herself of the KGB, she defected and became the ally of the Avengers. Later, she joined S.H.I.E.L.D, becoming a skilled double operative.


Cosplayer Elena Nerium Oleander slips into Black Widow’s skin tight black body suit in this amazing cosplay. Gorgeous red hair, gold Widow’s Bite cartridges around her wrist, circular grenade belt around her waist, and kick ass knee high boots complete the outfit. Wielding a badass gun, Elena Nerium Oleander is ready to take out any enemy. Nothing will stand in her way as Black Widow.

black-widow-cosplay-3 black-widow-cosplay-1

Photography by Fillakteria