Black Widow Cosplay Scintillates in the Heat of Battle

Black Widow of Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D fame is the gorgeous redheaded heroine who will always execute her missions flawlessly. Natasha has had extensive training in the field of being a sleeper agent. During her time in the “Red Room”, Soviet government facility she was biological and physically augmented with an unusually long lifespan and youthful appearance. She also founded a Los Angeles based superteam, The Champions, however it had a short-lived duration.

Cosplayer Kristen Lanae is a vision as Black Widow. With her gorgeously tailored jumpsuit, Widow’s signature bullet cuffs, flowing red hair, and touting an AK-47, Kristen Lanae keeps Black Widow’s composure even in the heat of battle.



Photography by David Love Photography