Bleach’s Nelliel in an Amazingly Executed Cosplay

nelliel-cosplay-1Photography by Cozpho

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, most commonly known as Nel Tu or Nel, from Bleach is a frequent character under the cosplay light. Her playful and childish nature her make an appealing character to become. Not only that, but her intelligence, fighting prowess, and maturity in her adult form give her a well rounded and kick-ass personality.


Cosplay Love Pro has gone through a complete metamorphosis, changing herself into Nel with a spot on costume. The ragged and ripped appearance displays how Nel transformed from a child to an adult. She has the hair down pact with the exact length and color. The crimson mark across her face is in the right place and of the right length. The mask is the most eye catching piece of the cosplay and iconic to Nel. It is of the proper shape and design with four teeth apparent and the other side of teeth missing. There is the important crack running down the left side of the mask. Also on the mask are the horns that appear when Nel goes into her adult form. The setting for the photo is excellent for Nel and accompanies the cosplay awesomely.

nelliel-cosplay-3Photography by Cantera Cosplay

Written by Guest Contributor: Glitchiee