Blizzard’s Trademark on Recently Announced Overwatch Currently Suspended

After rising from the ashes of Blizzard’s ambitious World of Warcraft follow-up, Project Titan, Blizzard Entertainment’s recently unveiled Overwatch has stumbled in to some legal trouble. Overwatch is a team based online first person shooter that was originally a mini game within Project Titan. It was reported that it was the only thing the development team could bring to a functioning level.

NEOGAF reports that a four man company named Innovis Labs, a company that makes an iPhone and Android apps has applied for a trademark for a game with the exact same title. Innovis Labs has made a game for the iPhone that can be plugged into the airsoft paintball guns. Blizzard’s version of Overwatch though is a shooter that looks Pixar like. The trademark has already been applied for but Blizzard and the United States Patent and Trademark Office are currently looking over the two trademarks. But because of the temporary suspension, Blizzard could be changing the name of their most recently announced title.




Written by Guest Contributor: Reagan Cox