Borderlands Week: ATC’s Gogo Incognito in an Alluring Mad Moxxi Cosplay


Mad Moxxi is the definition of alluring, dangerous and sadistic. She is a pinnacle character in Borderlands and its expansions. Moxxi is an NPC quest giver, and also hostess of the Colosseum matches. Mad Moxxi is the perfect blend of lust and violence and a favorite character both in game and in cosplay.

moxxi-cosplay-2Photography by Thompson Plyler

Borderlands is a science fiction game with a mix of first person shooter and RPG. The game involves a wide array of missions set during the futuristic colonization of an alien planet. Players can choose from four distinct classes as they battle a dizzying array of alien creatures.


Gogo Incognito is the perfect embodiment of Mad Moxxi. The wonderful construction of her dress and accessories is a perfect combination to her deep understanding of the character and her mannerisms. Gogo Incognito really brings Moxxi to life, and it’s her stellar cosplay skills that make her such a valued member of All That’s Cosplay!





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