Borderlands Week: Mad Moxxi is Delightfully Lusty in Sexy Cosplay

mad-moxxi-cosplay-2Photography by Chasis Photos

The violent owner of the Underdome, Mad Moxxi is one provocative character. With a sadistic streak, she takes pleasure in brutal combat. Known for her racy ensembles and sexual desires, she is a complex individual. While she is often dangerous when it comes to fighting, she can also be protective, mostly of her children as well as others she cares about. Most surprisingly, she has refined tastes when speaking, and assigns missions to the player.

Dahlia Thomas takes on the alluring Moxxi in a stunning cosplay so realistic it feels as if she just stepped out of the screen. The costume is well crafted with black and white striped cuffs and collar and edged with gold. Matching striped thigh high stockings cover her legs and slip into white boots. The really magnificent part of the cosplay is Dahlia Thomas’ attention to detail pertaining to her really great make-up job. Moxxi has exaggerated make-up focusing on bright round blush cheeks, black lip liner, heavy eyeliner and long lashes. Dahlia Thomas not only has these fantastic details, but also has Moxxi’s mole, white foundation and running eyeliner. And that is only her face. The details continue down to her chest, where she has the heart on her bosom and darkened lines. Dahlia Thomas brings to life this lustful character in delicious fashion, truly a feast for the eyes.

mad-moxxi-cosplay-1Photography by David Love

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