Borderlands Week: Maya Prepares to Shoot Up Psychos in this Cosplay


In the Borderlands world there are specially endowed beings referred to as Sirens. With tattoos running down one side of their body, they have access to incredible abilities. So great is their power that only six Sirens can exist at the same time. One of these Sirens is Maya, the blue haired beauty hailing from Athenas. There she trained in secret with the brothers of the Order of the Impending Storm. After realizing they were only using her as a tool to gain control over the people, she left to Pandora to find out more about her roots as a Siren.


Anastasia Tigi channels her amazing make-up and costume making skills to pull off this enchanting Maya cosplay. The attention to detail is awe inspiring. She has the iconic black liner not only enhancing her face, but also on her pants. The Siren tattoos on Maya’s left arm and chest are pristine. And that does not even cover the bulk of the costume, which is, in a word, flawless. The poses, barren setting, and incredible photography work by photographer Meariku really put the viewer into the mood for some Borderlands action.




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