Borderlands Week: Maya the Siren in a Kickass Cosplay


Maya is a Borderlands 2 playable character with mysterious powers. These powers are those of the Siren. Sirens are distinguished by the intricate tattoos that run down only one half of their body. Maya was given as an infant to the Order of the Impending Storm where she trained her Siren powers until adulthood. Then the Order revealed her presence and announced her as savior of the people. When Maya realizes that she is being used to control the people, she kills her handler and heads out to learn more about her Siren lineage and background.


Chubear Cosplay has created Maya’s original skin flawlessly. The posing is stellar and matches well with Chubear Cosplay’s costume. The design on the guns is crisp and clean, with the colors standing out against the metal. With the help of a make-up artist, Maya’s tattoos have been created amazingly. They stand out against the skin and are well done. They even show through the chest opening in the outfit like Maya’s in the game. Overall it is an outstanding cosplay radiating Maya’s badass nature.



Photography by Tricia Davidge



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