Bow Down to this Sexy Esdeath Cosplay

One of the newest and most popular new animes to be released is Akame ga Kill, a fantasy story that sees powerful beings with enchanted weaponry fight through corruption. The story follows young Tatsumi, a village boy who finds himself wrapped up in a corrupt society fighting against it with the rebel group Night Raid. After being recruited by the resistance, Tatsumi learns more about his ability to wield one of the universe’s most powerful relics called Teigu. The Teigu can manifest as powerful weapons or even as living creatures due to the magic used to create them. With its unique storyline and enchanting visuals, the anime has grown quickly in popularity and one character everyone seems to love to hate is the strikingly gorgeous Esdeath.


Esdeath is the intense and powerful leader of the empire. Obsessed with strength, she deems anyone weak as useless and demands the best from those around her. A ruthless dictator, Esdeath is feared and respected by all those around her. Esdeath loves to fight and admires those who fight equally against her. Esdeath’s incredibly powerful Teigu is named Demon’s Extract, and grants her the ability to manipulate ice during combat.


Usually seen as an extremely harsh personality, cold and calculating most cosplayers mimic her military uniform and intense stance. In this interpretation, ATC’s Juby Headshot takes a different approach and decides to show the softer, more beautiful and sensual side of Esdeath. Clad only in a white blouse and laying openly on a sheet, she appears vulnerable and honest. This is a softer side of the Empire’s leader that is not often shown, by Juby still manages to nail Esdeath’s appearance which keeps the cosplay accurate. Juby most importantly makes sure to feature the unique tattoo on the center of Esdeath’s chest, letting all foes be warned of the powerful Teigu she carries within.

 Photography by Oriol Lamiel Photography




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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee