Out of the Box: The Playstation 4 Unveiled


Sony has just released an official video of the unboxing of the Playstation 4, just before the console’s launch this upcoming Friday, 15th. The video gets down to business and reveals all the details that have been left out before, until now. Us, as the impatient psycho player fanatics, now can see exactly what we’ll be getting our hands on–piece by piece. As the box opens, first, we can see that we’ll be receiving a network promotional voucher. Though this deal is on a ‘while supplies last’ basis, players who do receive it will end up with a free 30-day Playstation Plus membership trial, a free 30-day Music Unlimited service trial, on top of a $10 Sony Entertainment Network credit for the Playstation Store.

The next thing the unboxing reveals, is the obvious, yet handy, Quick Start Guide. Then, next we see the DualShock4 controller. This controller is all wireless, and has the same basic controls as the last DualShock controller, and yet it also includes new ways for players to interact with games. With newly improved analog stick controllers, trigger buttons, and a new touch pad–the DualShock4 controller improves the ultimate gaming experience. Next thing we see is your standard HDMI cable, AC power cord, mono headset, and USB cable. Then, last, but most certainly not least, we have the 500GB Playstation 4 system. With a system that includes an entirely different processor, is 9x faster than the last, has enhanced visual graphics, and much more, what could be expected besides greatness? Greatness awaits.