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Isaac Hempstead-Wright plays Bran Stark in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” (Helen Sloan/HBO)

Bran and the Gang Won’t be in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5?

Hodor! Hodor? Hodor?! Even Hodor is confused about the news but it sounds like Bran and those who were with him will not be in season five. Recently, more drama hit the news when Lena Headey was to film a nude scene in a church in Croatia. The church being the place of worship, the Croatian government was not thrilled and both HBO and the Croatian government came to a comfortable agreement. The street may be used and HBO also decided to make a set of a church instead. Compromise gets you anywhere, Cersei.

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Now back to Bran. His story line pushed into the fifth book, “A Dance with Dragons” on the series. With that said, we may not see Bran, Meera, Summer, Hodor and Sam along with the others. With the three-eyed Raven dead smack in front of them, who knows what will happen next.

A hint that brings us to this point is Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, told Yahoo! that his character will not be in the upcoming season. Hodor? “We have a season off and we have a year’s hiatus, solely because I imagine our storyline is up to the end of the books. So, I get my year off now to do Rave of Thrones and gallivant all over the world.”

We would love to hear the thoughts of the hardcore Game of Thrones fans on the lack of Bran’s story line. What do you want to see? What do you think is being penned in that sixth book?



Source: Yahoo AU