Brave the Ruined City of Arah for this Orrian Armor

Guild Wars 2 is a massive MMORPG featuring various races, locations, professions and events that change based on player actions. One of these locations is the Ruined City of Arah, an explorable dungeon that was once the home of the Six Human Gods. The Orrian’s made Arah their capital when the gods had left it behind, but it was sunk during the Cataclysm. Later on the city was raised back above the waves, allowing explores to traverse its many paths.



Located in this dungeon is the key to obtaining the heavy Orrian Armor. Collecting tokens in the Arah explorable mode will allow the player to purchase the armor, which is outfitted for level 80 characters. Cosplayer Enayla Cosplay really brings this armor to life in her cosplay. Also referred to as Grasping Dead armor, it is a gorgeous shade of blue. With intricate detailing, superb craftsmanship and strong poses, this Orrian armor cosplay is one of a kind.

guild-wars-2-cosplay-1 guild-wars-2-cosplay-3

Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography