Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos May Become a Real Restaurant

If you’re a fan of AMC’s Breaking Bad, the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant chain surely holds many colorful and fond memories for you. Owned by restauranteur/meth kingpin Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), Los Pollos Hermanos was the front for Fring’s drug dealing operations.

In a recent Reddit AMA, creator Vince Gilligan weighed in on the possibility of a real-world Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant:

“Believe it or not…there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant. This is not an idea that I generated personally,” said Gilligan. “But it’s one that’s been presented to me, through the good folks at Sony, and the idea came to them from a businessman who has an interest in doing just that. Speaking for myself, I’d love to see that happen!”

Gilligan also spoke out about another Breaking Bad food issue recently, imploring fans to stop throwing pizza on the roof of the home that was used as the White Family home.

“I never anticipated that the pizza-throwing scene would be one of the ‘non-submergible’ moments of Breaking Bad. None of us did. It seemed like a fun thing to include in the episode at the time, but none of the writers of the series thought it would take on a life of its own,” Gilligan said. “Thank you for asking that question, because it once again gives me the opportunity to say: for any of the folks who wanted to throw pizza on the roof of the White house, it’s very unfair to the sweet lady that lives there. Please, please do NOT do it. If you want the photo of a pizza on the White house roof: Photoshop it!!! That’s the way to do it in this day in age. You can have any size pizza, and it won’t risk this very sweet lady breaking her back getting her ladder out and climbing up to clean pizza off her roof.”

The Breaking Bad series finale aired in September 2013, but the fan love for the AMC series remains strong. Bring on the chicken and blue rock candy!