Brian Griffin Family Guy

Brian Set to Return to “Family Guy”

The loss of Brian was a shocker and sent fans into a rage that the family pet was gone. Many viewers wrote to the producers of “Family Guy” and wished that they would bring him back. Well, the writers have listened and with the upcoming show on December 15, Brian will be returning. As to how, why or when in the story, we do not know but the important thing is, he could be coming back permanently!

Family Guy Movie Could be in the Works

We know this is true because of speculation that Brian will be falling in love in the fall with a character voiced by Maya Rudolph and, if he was six feet under, that would be difficult.

The official logline for next week, called ‘Christmas Guy” says “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas”. Also, on the list, Brian’s name is listed, meaning he will be back. Although, how he will return and what state he will be in is something entirely different.

The oncoming Vinny is a different story since the new family dog will be voiced by Tony Sirico. Will the family have two dogs or just one? We will not know the official details until the episode so the best thing you can do is tune in on December 15.



Source: IGN