Brilliant Elspeth Cosplay from Magic: The Gathering

elspeth-cosplay-1Photography by Indiglue

Elspeth is a Planeswalker from the card game Magic: The Gathering. The game is both simple to learn and complicated to master as it combines a wonderful array of possible spells, abilities and card combinations. Magic: The Gathering has been around for a long time for good reason; it has something for everyone and is excellent at bringing in new and fantastic things for its players.

elspeth-cosplay-2Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi

Planeswalkers are a unique type of card, with special abilities and powers outside of the rest of the players current battlefield. They often are specialized in helping the players deck in a certain way. Elspeth is a great protector, wielding the power to shield armies from harm and bolstering them in battle.

elspeth-cosplay-3Photography by CosPortraits

Magic: The Gathering has some truly fantastic artwork, and Cspranklerun has done a stellar job at bringing it to life. The detail in her costume construction is fantastic; she truly looks like the brilliant white knight that Elspeth is. Cspranklerun is absolutely gorgeous and really embodies Elspeth in every way.




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 Written by Guest Contributor: Caeron