A Brilliantly Horrifying Fleshmaiden Cosplay from Alice: Madness Returns

The original story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has inspired numerous variations and interpretations by artists everywhere since the first edition of the story in 1865. While not everyone can attest to enjoying the story, those who love it really love it. As an avid Wonderland fan, it is almost impossible not to want to embark on a whimsical journey similar to the curiously creative Alice. Fans were given the opportunity to actually become immersed in Wonderland as Alice in American McGee’s Alice. Immediately, gamers were captivated by the stunning and imaginative mad world they were able to immerse themselves in. Of course, fans grew even more “mad” as they eagerly awaited the next chapter in the series.


When Madness Returns finally came out, we were taken even further down the dark rabbit hole as Alice faced her demons in the dreadfully dark side of her subconscious mind. Offering gamers a deep story plot, while progressively taking them into a nightmarish world full of vividly insane fairy tales—keeping them near the edge of sanity. Mesmerizing puzzles, fascinating scenery, brilliant music, strange characters, and sparsely placed exquisiteness, all mesh together to form one hell of a remarkably fun game to play!


Throughout the game, there are a multitude of different outfits for Alice to wear that offer different magical powers. One of the darker, more nightmarish outfits, has to be The Fleshmaiden dress that literally appears to be devouring Alice’s dainty legs with its monstrous razor-sharp teeth. Famous-and-fabulous cosplay has taken on the task of recreating this ghastly dress of mangled guts and flesh that efficaciously hangs from her shoulder. We love how amazingly accurate this cosplay is!


With her ivory pale porcelain skin, creepy white eyes, and straight long dark hair, famous-and-fabulous has taken the idea of becoming Alice to a whole new level. It is always nice to see a gorily detailed cosplay executed so well. This particular dress could be challenging for a cosplayer to bring to life without appearing to look as if they are wearing a lumpy red mess of a dress, and we have to say that famous-and-fabulous has done an excellent job at crafting her brilliantly horrifying mangled flesh dress that evokes a state of hysteria for Wonderland fans to go mad over!


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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi