Cammy White Cosplay Gives a Beat Down

Cammy White, also known by the code name Killer Bee, first appeared in the Street Fighter series in 1993 as a member of the “New Challengers”. The most well known of the four, she was the second female introduced in the series. An experienced fighter, she was not only a member of the British special forces team Delta Red, but also the criminal organization Shadaloo. A determined girl, she can be easily frustrated when there is nothing to distract her.


Strutting her stuff in Cammy’s Delta Red attire, Kitty Lappin Cosplay is a knock out. Wearing a green thong leotard emblazoned with the Delta Red symbol on her chest, she is ready for a fight. Long blonde braids flow behind her as a red beret sits atop her head. Combat boots, camouflage paint on her legs and meticulously crafted red gauntlets finish off this amazing cosplay. Kitty Lappin Cosplay is a knockout in her Cammy cosplay.


Photography by Alasdair Watson Photography