Cammy White Cosplay is a Total Knockout

Out of the Four New Challengers introduced in Street Fighter II, Cammy White is by far the best recognized. Due to her appearance as well as her fighting skills, she is a fan favorite and often dubbed a deadly damsel along with Chun-Li. Starting out in the British Special Forces Delta Red team. Before embarking on the path of Delta Red, she learned how to fight as part of the crime syndicate Shadaloo. Gaining notoriety for her skills, she was included in Street Fighter and sometimes referred to by her code name Killer Bee.


Beke Cosplay struts her stuff as Delta Red Cammy in her Cammy White cosplay. Wearing the iconic green thong leotard, she poses as explosions go off behind her. Red beret, red gauntlets and red combat boots match the Delta Red insignia on her chest. Camo markings on her legs and long blonde braids finish off the look perfectly.


Photography by Lorenzo So Photography