Captain America’s USO Girl has Never Looked Better than in This Cosplay


Photography by Isabella Photography

In the first Captain America movie, there is a scene that shows off some new and adorable characters. The USO Girls sing and dance their way across America with the Captain leading the way. They are all beautiful women dressed in short patriotic outfits that will brighten anybody’s day. They not only brought some joy to the troops, they brought some cosplay ideas to many girls around the community. Since Captain America himself is male, many women choose not to cosplay him, however now they can fly their fandom flag while still being girly and sexy.

Photography by What A Big Camera

This USO girl cosplay by Vicky-Vic Cosplay hits the nail on the head. She looks amazing and she even has the exact shoes worn by the girls in the movie! This kind of accuracy is notable. Anyone for miles can see how amazing she looks as the singing representation of Captain America! This cosplay is simply beautiful!




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