Cassandra Pentaghast Cosplay Is Stunningly Reverent

Cassandra Pentaghast is a member of the royal Pentaghast family and Seeker of Chantry. Since 9:22 Dragon, she has been the Right Hand of the Divine. Cassandra appears in the video game Dragon Age II. Cassandra remained loyal to Divine Justinia instead of abandoning the Chantry during the mage rebellion. Thus doing so, she proved her piety and resolve in the face of danger. Cassandra values justice above all and seeks to restore order.



Dark Incognito is a true vision as Cassandra Pentaghast. She holds her sword and reverently leans against it, showing off a fresh cut on her cheek from battle. From the incredible leatherwork, to the weathering on her armor, to the incredible articulation of the finger pieces on her gauntlets, this cosplay exemplifies true mastery and excellent craftsmanship.



Photography by Akami