Cassandra Pentaghast is a Dream in This Beautiful Cosplay

Cassandra Pentaghast first made her Dragon Age debut in Dragon Age 2 — though gamers only got a glimpse of who the woman was. It wasn’t until the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition that fans of the franchise were able to get to know her more intimately — literally and figuratively. Where Pentaghast only played a small, well smaller, role in Dragon Age 2 when it comes to Inquisition the woman is a more prominent piece of the puzzle, even aiding the Inquisitor from the get go. She’s a strong fighter, a woman of great discipline, completely dedicated, and has a good head about her. It’s why those around her find her easy to trust, often times confiding in her about important issues — sort of like how one might save the world.


Being able to get more of her backstory in Dragon Age: Inquisition made people flock to her, gamers falling in love and cosplayers wanting to don the seeker’s attire. While Cassandra seems to have a hard exterior, she’s nothing but a softie on the inside — wanting love just like anyone else. Perhaps that’s why HydraEvil decided to go with the softer side of Cassandra Pentaghast and gave her a romantic feel. It brings a girlish demeanor to a woman who seems to fit into a more rugged role, allowing fans to see a different side of her.


Photography by 2Ravens and Ilya Bashnin