Cast a Voodoo Spell with Tia Dalma in This Epic Cosplay!


Once an all-powerful sea goddess turned human, Tia Dalma retained her mysterious powers in the form of voodoo, and aided those who came to her for help. She often required trades, which sent desperate men into the heart of danger to obtain the item she wished for in return.  Though her soft spot for the handsome yet bizarre pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, made her more than happy to oblige is most cases, especially when it came to exacting her revenge on Davy Jones.

Tia-Dalma-Cosplay-2 (1)

MeltingMirror is Calypso embodied- a real life Tia! Her attention to detail throughout the costume is just stunning! Puka shells and torn lace, heaps of tangled dreads and the smokey dark eye makeup. The textures and patterns of her dress are whimsical, mysterious and overall inspiring. Such a wonderful homage to such an adventurous and fun series!

Tia-Dalma-Cosplay-3 (1)



See pages upon pages of MeltingMirrors’ jaw-dropping cosplays at her DeviantArt page!

Photography by Jack Liu.


Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz