Catherine Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter with this Cosplay

catherine-cosplay-1Photography by Riamux Creations

Catherine is a puzzle-platformer video game developed by Atlus and released in North American in 2011. With the bulk of the adventure taking place in a nightmare world, the main character, Vincent, struggles with thoughts of marriage to Katherine and his affair with Catherine. Catherine is a sexy, free-spirited, young woman, which is everything that Vincent is looking for. She seduces Vincent, after which began his nightmares. While their fling may be brief, it greatly affects Catherine, which showcases her emotional nature.

Rachel Nycole has captured Catherine’s sensual attire and attitude. With blonde curled hair and blue eyes, Rachel is gorgeous, and I haven’t even mentioned her dress yet. The dress is well constructed, representing the character’s outfit impeccably. The dress is white, with a large red ribbon and bow tied under her chest. The v-shaped neckline has delicate lace trim. Her legs are covered with risqué white stockings with lace edging. Finally, her feet are in white heels, matching those that Catherine wears. The photos are taken in a bedroom setting, the perfect setting for the arousing Catherine.

catherine-cosplay-3Photography by William Tan