Catherine will Seduce You in this Tempting Cosplay


Catherine is one of the main characters in the video game of the same name. She is a succubus who has an affair with the man whom the story revolves around, Vincent. Catherine is just Vincent’s type, young, carefree, and well-endowed. Most of the story line is explored during the day time at a bar, while the puzzle adventure occurs during the night in Vincent’s nightmares, which begin after he meets Catherine.


IscariotElian becomes the temptress in a ravishing and well done cosplay. With her hair done up in pigtails, she looks sweet and innocent. Until you see the rest of her outfit, that is. Wearing a white spaghetti dress with a red bow around the waist, it appears that she is wearing lingerie more than a dress. White thigh high stockings end in delicate lace and her pumps are also white. Her posing is what really brings Catherine’s seductive nature to light. She sits with an enticing look on her face as she shows off her legs or copies Catherine’s pose from the PS3 cover. IscariotElian becomes Catherine flawlessly.

catherine-cosplay-3 catherine-cosplay-4


Photography by Taisia Flyagina


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