Caught Staring at this Sexy Catherine Cosplay


Meet Catherine, the sexy seductress from the video game… Catherine! This adult puzzle-platformer adventure game is based primarily upon the nightmares of the main character, Vincent. This run-of-the-mill guy begins having nightmares after talking about a deeper commitment with his girlfriend Katherine and after meeting the alluring Catherine.


Catherine has definitely become a popular character in the cosplay world. With her gyaru-looks, she balances that fine line between sweet and sexy. She seduces Vincent into an affair that ultimately breaks Vincent’s relationship with Katherine. It is later revealed that Catherine is a succubus who is working with the bartender at The Stray Sheep to lure lecherous men away from their girlfriends in a greater scheme to free the girlfriends for more honorable men.


The doe-eyed Ivette Puig (Ivy Cosplay) uses her cosplay skills and natural demure to bring this Catherine to life. With her wide eyes and luscious lips, Ivette nails the balance of sweet and sexy in this Catherine cosplay. In addition to Catherine, this lovely Spanish cosplayer has many other cosplays in her wardrobe from comic books, anime/manga, and video games.





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Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra