Celebrate America with this Pinup Captain America Cosplay


Captain America was created during World War II. Soldier Steve Rogers volunteered to take the Super-Soldier Serum, an experimental product to increase soldiers physical prowess. The serum was a success, enhancing Steve Rogers to the maximum human physical potential. Thus Captain America was born. However, he failed a mission and became trapped in ice. Frozen in time, he was thawed and brought back to life by the Avengers, who he eventually came to lead.

Captain America is an iconic superhero making him a popular cosplay to create. This not only applies to men, but women as well. As with all characters, fan art can spark amazing costumes. One of these is the pinup style Captain America donned by Jaycee Cosplay, Wearing a leotard comprised of the red, white and blue of the American flag, she has on her blue helmet. White stockings, a flag shield, red gloves, and a pouch belt resting on her hips. Jaycee Cosplay is an amazingly sexy Captain America.





Photos by Alex Valderana Photography