Celebrate Christmas with this Candy Cane Miss Fortune Cosplay!


Christmas is finally upon us, and as all of us are spending time with our families and handing out presents, there are those talented artists who are additionally celebrating their favorite holiday in another way: through cosplay.  This amazing costume was created by the talented and beautiful Naomi Von Kreeps after putting a countless number of hours into making sure her costume and props were crafted perfectly.  Taking on the challenge of becoming League of Legends’ powerful pirateress, Miss Fortune, Naomi totally rocks Miss Fortune’s Christmas-themed Candy Cane skin, looking both powerful and sexy, just like Miss Fortune herself.


These days, it seems like League of Legends is everywhere.  With so many Champions to choose from, each with a handful of skins to customize their appearance, League of Legends is a great source for cosplay.  And who wouldn’t want to cosplay as Miss Fortune?  Sporting pirate attire with a large hat and equipping two hefty, menacing guns, Miss Fortune always goes guns blazin’ and she is known to always shoot first turning you into nothing but powder monkeys.  Overall, Miss Fortune can be an incredibly powerful Champion who can destroy her rivals with her destruction-hungry attitude, loving every moment of the kill.


We can’t get over how amazingly Naomi perfected her Candy Cane Miss Fortune, making us want to jump right into League of Legends and slay some minions and opposing Champs in true Miss Fortune style.  Be sure to check out Naomi Von Kreeps’ other cosplay works at her Facebook and Twitter pages.  You will thank us.

Photos by Rebel Photography.