Celebrate Springtime Beauty with Lovely Caitlyn Cosplay

Photography by Karameru


Caitlyn is a powerful ADC Champion in League of Legends that not only is beautiful, but she is also the Sheriff of Piltover.  Caitlyn equips a large sniper rifle to maneuver powerful gun shots that can be instant death for her opponents.  Not only that, but she harnesses powerful traps to catch her prey, allowing her to easily slay her poor, unsuspecting victims.


Cosplayer Sayla Cosplay takes her Caitlyn cosplay into a beautiful springtime setting in these images that are simply gorgeous.  Surrounded by flowers and bright colors, we can’t imagine a more perfect Caitlyn cosplay.  If you enjoy Sayla Cosplay’s Caitlyn cosplay just as much as we do, then be sure to Like her Facebook page to see even more of her incredible cosplay work!

caitlyn-cosplay-3Photography by Ray Lum COStography