HotS Nova Cosplay Will Channel Your Abilities

Heroes of the Storm’s November Terra, better known as Nova, was born with a special ability. Having strong telepathic powers her family hid her talents away from wranglers in order to keep her with them. As a child she just felt others emotions strongly, believing she was highly empathetic. As a teen however, she realized the truth. Ending up in the Ghost Program regardless, she is one of the strongest Ghosts fighting for the Terrans. Completing the Ghost Program in record time, she is a skilled hacker, martial artist and Vulture driver.

Heroes of the Storm Nova Cosplay by Lyz Brickley


Cosplayer Lyz Brickley is fantastic in her Nova cosplay. Wearing the signature Ghost uniform, the form fighting blue bodysuit is perfect. The steel armor looks like it was just crafted. Blonde hair, headpiece and gun complete the costume. An amazing Nova cosplay that is ready to take out any who oppose her is the final product.

Photography by Beethy