Check Out this Hot and Ass-kicking Poison Cosplay

She’s the friend and manager of Hugo, the eight foot tall German in the pink leopard skin tank and pink jeans, and a highly esteemed member of the group Mad Gear. Inspired by the 1980’s glam-metal band with effeminate fashion sense and aesthetics, she’s the slim, skimpily clad, French fries and kitten loving, jockey whip wielding martial artist with long, flowing bubblegum pink hair. Of course, we are talking about Poison.


Poison, known for her pink hair, Nazi officer style hat and skimpy attire, is a self-taught martial artist. In the game, she utilized both standing and acrobatic flip kicks.  As well as being armed with a whip, she uses her Cat Claw and Thunder Whip to steal weapons from opponents. She can even use her handcuffs and chains as a projectile to immobilize her opponent.

In Final Fight, there is an identical persona to Poison named Roxy. Apart from the pink hair, Roxy has fiery orange hair and lower health as opposed to Poison, but they both share a history of being in the same orphanage together.


Russian cosplayer, MrProton, is a cosplay genius. She’s cosplayed characters from various media, such as Morrigan from Dragon Age, Jean Grey, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Code Geass and the pink haired, whip-wielding martial arts talent, Poison from Street Fighter.

She’s got all the details down pat: the bubblegum pink hair, the Daisy Duke shorts, and the Nazi officer style hat, even the belt-style choker around the neck. It’s a simple cosplay with fine details that combine for a super hot Poison cosplay. What can I say? This cosplay kicks ass!




Photography by Milligan